Essential oils from gumresins, roots and balsams

Essential oils from gumresins, roots and balsams

The only producers in Italy of Essential Oils from Gumresins, Roots and Balsams

Water Vapor Extractive Solvent, food grade, usable for flavorings, perfumery, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals.

Essential Oils from Gumresins and Roots

Gumresins are natural exudates of particular spontaneous plants produced in order to protect themselves from external attacks by insects and parasites. These exudates naturally solidify on the trunk and are hand-picked by indigenous people. Being gumresins a dry product, the distillation technique used in our plants in Moretta (CN), Italy, is that of Hydro-distillation, which involves the presence of water in order to re-hydrate the cells before proceeding with the extraction by steam distillation. Iris, on the other hand, is grown for a few years in order to obtain roots of suitable size. These are then harvested, washed, cut, dried and left to rest for at least three years. During this time, and enzymatic reaction takes place and naturally leads to the production of Irons which are the characteristic components responsible for the aromatic properties of Iris Butter / Essential Oil. The yield from Roots to Butter / Essential Oil, following 48 hours of hydro-distillation, is about 1 Kg at 18% in Natural Irons per ton of dry roots.

The range of Essential Oils from Gumresins and Roots produced in our factory in Moretta (CN), Italy, includes:

  • Elemi Essential Oil Philippines
  • Galbanum Essential Oil Iran
  • Incense Essential Oil Somalia
  • Incense Essential Oil India
  • Iris Butter/Essential Oil China
  • Myrrh Essential Oil Somalia
  • Opoponax Essential Oil Somalia

Essential Oils from Balsams

Balsams are also exudates obtained from the incision of tree trunks but they are, unlike gumresins, liquid or pasty products. Obtaining the essential oil can be carried out using two methods: by hydro-distillation or by dry vacuum distillation erroneously but commercially referred to as “Rectified”. The products directly extracted from raw materials imported from the country of origin to our facility in Moretta (CN), Italy, are:

  • Copaive Balsam Rectified Essential Oil
  • Copaive Balsam Essential Oil
  • Gurjun Balsam Rectified Essential Oil
  • Gurjun Balsam Essential Oil
  • Perù Balsam Rectified Essential Oil