Absolutes and Resinoids

Absolutes and Resinoids

For over 20 years, the only producers in Italy of absolutes from concretes and resinoids from gum resins and roots

Food-grade Ethyl Alcohol as extractive solvent, suitable for use in food, flavorings, perfumery, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals.


Some natural aromatic components of fresh herbs cannot be extracted via distillation due to their thermo-sensitivity and / or their high molecular weight, which prevents their transport by means of the distillation vapor. In order to extract these molecules, the French in 1700 developed an extraction method called “Enflourage” which involved the extraction of aromatic principles from fresh flowers through contact with animal fat (on small wooden frames), producing the “Pommade”; through subsequent alcohol washes of the latter, following evaporation of the alcohol, Absolutes were obtained. Today, this laborious method is not economically sustainable. Over the years, a new method has therefore established itself: the extraction of Concretes (what used to be the “Pommades”) by means of infusion of fresh flowers in volatile solvents (allowed by Directive 2009/32 / EC). This method allows the aromatic components to be extracted at low temperatures but also extracts many of the waxes naturally contained in treated fresh vegetables. To eliminate these unwanted waxes, which dilute the aromatic properties and limit the solubility of the product, in our plants situated in Moretta (CN) ITALY, we carry out the purification process of the Absolutes by means of subsequent washing of the Concretes in food grade Ethyl Alcohol, refrigeration, vacuum filtrations and evaporations. For some specific products it is instead possible, following specific extraction procedures developed internally over the years, to perform extractions of Absolutes thanks to food grade ethyl alcohol directly from the raw material: this is the case for the Tonka Bean Absolute, Vanilla Absolute, Cocoa Absolute, Mate Absolute.

The range of Absolutes produced in our factory in Moretta (CN), Italy, includes:

  • Acacia Absolute Morocco
  • Basil Absolute Egypt
  • Beeswax Absolute Ethiopia
  • Bran Absolute Morocco
  • Broom Absolute Italy
  • Cedar Musk Absolute Morocco
  • Cistus Absolute Spain
  • Clary Sage Absolute France
  • Cocoa Absolute Brasil
  • Coffee Absolute Brasil
  • Geranium Absolute Egypt
  • Greek Hay Absolute Morocco
  • Hay Absolute Morocco
  • Jasmine Egypt
  • Jasmine Absolute India
  • Lavandin Absolute France
  • Lavender Absolute France
  • Mate Tea Absolute Argentina
  • Mimosa Absolute France
  • Mimosa Absolute India
  • Mimosa Absolute Morocco
  • Oak Musk Absolute Balkans
  • Orange Blossom Absolute Morocco
  • Orange Blossom Absolute Tunisia
  • Osmanthus Absolute China
  • Pine Absolute France
  • Rose Absolute Bulgaria
  • Rose Absolute Morocco
  • Rose Absolute Turkey
  • Rosemary Absolute Morocco
  • Ryestar Hay Absolute Italy
  • Sage Absolute France
  • Sambac Jasmine Absolute India
  • Seaweed Absolute France
  • Tonka Bean Absolute Venezuela
  • Tuberosa Absolute India
  • Vanilla Absolute Madagascar
  • Violet Leaves Absolute


The dry raw materials (Gumresins and Roots) allow extraction of the Resinoids, together with essential oil through hydro-distillation, through the use of food grade Ethyl Alcohol, which is then evaporated following appropriate decantation and filtration.

The products directly extracted from raw materials imported from the country of origin to our factories in Moretta (CN), Italy, are:

  • Benzoin Resinoid Siam
  • Benzoin Resinoid Sumatra
  • Galbanum Resinoid Iran
  • Incense Resinoid Somalia
  • Iris Roots Resinoid China
  • Iris Roots Resinoid Morocco
  • Labdanum Resinoid Morocco
  • Myrrh Resinoid Somalia
  • Opoponax Resinoid Somalia
  • Peru Resinoid San Salvador
  • Storax Resinoid Honduras
  • Tolu Resinoid Venezuela