R & D

R & D

The established quality of our distillates, absolutes and resinoids is not only due to the use of advanced extraction systems and techniques, but also – and above all – from the ability to analyze intermediate and finished products with modern analytical techniques.

How is quality control managed by Calliero S.p.A.?

Calliero S.p.A., which has always been committed to the quality of its products, has created its own research center specifically dedicated to the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the extracts produced. The structure, which consists of laboratories and offices for an area of 750 square meters, is located a few hundred meters from the production facilities of the company and is equipped with the most modern analytical and extractive equipment. Highly qualified personnel are constantly engaged in the analysis of oils, absolutes and resinoids using gas chromatography techniques combined with both flame ionization detectors (GC-FID) and mass spectrometry (GC-MS).

What are the advantages of these analytical techniques?

The gas chromatograph is the go-to instrument for these types of products and allows to separate, identify and quantify the different molecules in an accurate, precise and unequivocal way. In addition to ensuring the standardization of our products, these tools are also used to search for impurities (such as pesticide residues), making them an essential step in the quality control chain of all Calliero S.p.A products.

What advantages does a Calliero S.p.A. product offer the customer?

Calliero S.p.A. customers can rely on the company’s continuous commitment in the research and development of cutting-edge extraction and analytical techniques. The company respects the environment by using environmentally friendly solvents and renewable energy sources and choses highly qualified personnel while collaborating with prestigious university research centers through conventions and research projects.

What other products are involved in Calliero S.p.A.’s research and development?

The ten-year experience in extraction processes has allowed Calliero S.p.A. to extend the range of its products to the Nutri-Pharma sector. The extraction techniques already in use have been flanked by new extraction and drying systems, while analytical activities have been enriched with the purchase of top-notch analytical equipment, such as ultra-performance liquid chromatography combined with triple mass spectrometry in high resolution quadrupole (UHPLC-DAD-FD-QQQ / MS).

What are the advantages of having a UHPLC-DAD-FD-QQQ / MS?

While essential oils and similar substances can be analyzed by gas chromatography, most plant extracts need a tool that can isolate, identify and quantify non-volatile molecules. Liquid chromatography combined with different detection systems (UV-Visible, Fluorescence, Mass Spectrometry) allows us not only to standardize the products of Calliero S.p.A. through their characterization, but also to evaluate the presence of unwanted compounds such as pesticides, herbicides, phthalates and toxins (ochratoxin, aflatoxin, pyrrolizidine alkaloids), guaranteeing customers the most accurate analysis of the extracts.