Our history

Calliero S.p.A. It collects the historical experience in the cultivation of officinal herbs and their distillation process by the Calliero farm. For three generations, our land is cultivated mainly with officinal plants: roman chamomile, peppermint, sage, clary sage, oregano, mint and lemon balm.

The cultivation of such herbs began in the ’20s on lands carried out by the Calliero family in the town of Moretta (CN) and Polonghera (CN), but it is only after the World War II that Matteo Calliero specializes in such cultivation and made it the core business of his family activities.

During the ’80s is being developed an in­house innovative and revolutionary method of cultivation of Piedmont Peppermint that will enable all farmers in the area to pursue a lucrative activity in this market.

In the late 90’s the activity was expanded by the installation of plants sites for the production of aromatic extracts of officinal herbs and aromatic plants from anywhere around the world; therefore it has started the production of Absolute, Resinoids, Oleoresins, Essential Oils from gums and roots, Alcohol Extracts, Glycerin Extracts and Glycolic Extracts.

To date the Calliero S.p.A. collaborates with farms in the area to enhance the production activity and ensuring the collection and marketing of all the annual productions.

Production for third parties

We are available for the study, development and production of specific extracts on request.

Some numbers

3 production site in Moretta (ITALIA) – 12 Workers
3.800 mq of Extracts laboratory
3.200 mq in developing
1 site in Grasse (FRANCIA) – 49 workers
500 mq of laboratory for analisys, research and development
1.500 mq of Warehouse